Cantonal school structures

Compulsory and upper secondary education in the cantons
School year 2020/2021

The diagrams below are based on the global diagram of the Swiss education system. They show the organisational forms of compulsory education and the educational offer on upper secondary level in the cantons. The diagrams were drawn up in cooperation with the cantonal education departments.

Organisational forms of compulsory education: Responsibility for compulsory education lies with the cantons. The diagrams show how primary education (incl. kindergarten or first learning cycle), lower secondary education (number of sections/streams and their designations) and special needs education are organised in different cantons.
A summary description of compulsory education in Switzerland can be accessed here.

Educational offer in upper secondary education: At upper secondary level intercantonal or national legislation provides the basis for the educational offer. The cantons are responsible for enforcement and run the schools. The diagrams show which educational offer exist in a canton on upper secondary level.

All diagrams are linked to ISCED (International Standard Classification of Education). This allows for international comparison of primary education including kindergarten or first learning cycle (ISCED 020 and 1), lower secondary education (ISCED 2) and upper secondary education with general education programmes (ISCED 34) and vocational programmes (ISCED 35). An overview of all eight ISCED levels can be found here

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